Tiffany Arey Millinery

Tiffany Arey Millinery

  Award-Winning Hats of Style and Distinction

"Art & Couture" - Delaware Contemporary Museum - October 2020

Learn about my collection of hats created for an exhibit of fashion by couturier Shawn Pinckney celebrating women's suffrage in the U.S.

FOX29's Good Day Philadelphia - Local Milliner Shows Off Incredible Kentucky Derby Hats - May 2019


"Wears Many Hats" - Tiffany Arey Millinery featured in April 2019 Philadelphia Magazine - https://www.phillymag.com/life-style/2019/03/27/tiffany-arey-millinery/
Tiffany Arey Millinery featured in the Steeplechase Lookbook 2019! As seen in Main Line Today, Delaware Today, and The Hunt Magazines: http://www.mainlinetoday.com/Main-Line-Today/April-2019/2019-Steeplechase-Lookbook/Get-Race-Ready-With-These-Stunning-Steeplechase-Looks/

Tiffany Arey Millinery wins "Best of the Main Line"!

BEST SHOWSTOPPING HATS 2018 - www.mainlinetoday.com/Main-Line-Today/July-2018/Best-of-the-Main-Line-Western-Suburbs-Critics-Choice-Goods-Services/

FOX29's Good Day Philadelphia - Kentucky Derby Hats by Tiffany Arey Millinery - May 2018


Tiffany Arey Millinery featured in Steeplechase Lookbook 2018! As seen in Delaware Today, Main Line Today and The Hunt Magazines   http://www.thehuntmagazine.com/shop/2018/03/race-day-fashions-sure-bet/

Steeplechase Lookbook 2017 - as seen in Delaware Today, Main Line Today and The Hunt Magazines - http://www.mainlinetoday.com/Steeplechase-Lookbook-2017-Digital-Edition/

6/24/2016 - Philly Chit Chat - Michelle Leonard wins "Most Fascinating" in Tiffany Arey Millinery - http://www.phillychitchat.com/2016/06/show-us-hats-ladies-day-devon-horse-show.html

Steeplechase Lookbook 2016 - as seen in Delaware Today, Main Line Today and The Hunt Magazines - http://www.mainlinetoday.com/Steeplechase-Lookbook-2016/Steeplechase-Fashion/index.php/cparticle/10